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Rainbow Hats (Creative Commons Attribution)

Welcome to my new blog!  As you can tell from my About page, I am a teacher and a librarian and am currently working as an itinerant instructor at a number of universities in Canada and the United States.  Most of my teaching takes place in Faculties of Education and library schools, where I teach online courses on school librarianship, Web 2.0, technology integration in schools and libraries, literacy and research.  As an itinerant instructor, I have opportunities to not only teach with a lot of institutions, but also in a lot of different subject and content areas.

I decided to start this blog for a number of reasons.  First, in one of the courses I teach (Exploration of Web 2.0 at the University of Alberta), I ask my students to create blogs and write about their own journeys into and through Web 2.0.  It hardly seems fair that my students have to blog, but I haven’t made the time to do it myself!  Second, I wanted to have a place to write regularly, a place to reflect on the things that I am doing in my virtual classrooms, and an online repository for some of my own work.  This blog will, hopefully, serve these purposes.  Third, I wanted to create an online portfolio of my work that is accessible and might serve as a model for my students. Finally, I have learned so much from reading other people’s blogs and I wanted to add my own voice to the blogosphere.

One of the things that I always find interesting when I teach the Web 2.0 course is that my students often comment on how hard it is to name their blogs.  Many of my students say that finding the ‘right’ name for their blogs was often the hardest part of getting started.  Until I set up my own blog, I had no idea how hard it REALLY can be to find the perfect name!  After trying out many possible names for my blog, I finally settled on “Wearing 500 Hats”.  To me, this really summarizes my professional and personal life.  As a teacher, researcher, lifelong learner, wife, and mom, I am constantly trying to juggle the many responsibilities that come with these different roles.  I wear many hats all day, every day. This blog will be my space to reflect on some of those different roles and share my ideas and reflections about teacher-librarianship, education, technology, and online learning.


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