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I am really excited, and somewhat nervous, to announce that I have just signed a contract with Libraries Unlimited to write my very first book.  Tentatively titled, Building a Social Summer Reading Program: Encouraging a Lifelong Reading Habit, my book will be loosely based on my dissertation research which examined children’s experiences with public library summer reading programs.  My book will look at ways school and public libraries can design and implement summer reading programs that encourage social reading activities and encourage children to read during the summer, and beyond.  It will explore issues related to reading games and incentives, technology in reading programs, and more.

Now the fun begins–I have to actually start writing!  I have a rough outline figured out, but the first step will be to prepare a detailed outline and then actually sit down and write!  That will be somewhat easier now that most of my courses are finished (and grading done).  The manuscript is due at the end of February, 2013, so the clock is ticking!

I’m looking forward to sharing more of my writing process with you as this project progresses, and of course, sharing the good news when the book is actually published!


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